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Comedy screenplay

Production company: FJ PRODUCTIONS

Writer/Director: Leonardo Foti

Producer: Fabio Golombek

Aunt Clara is a sweet, kind and gentle old lady, with one exception... She’s kind of a Gangster!

At the young age of 83, she seems live a simple retired life, but behind closed doors she controls gambling joints, the prostitution ring, the church and everything in-between. Her world is thrown upside down when, while trying to deal with her rival Mob Boss who’s trying to kill her, she receives a surprise visit from her estranged nephew Dan and his family, who are soon to find out their sweet little old Aunt Clara is in fact “The GodMother”.

Gangsters, nuns, hookers, guns, Russian diamonds, the FBI and a family crisis all contribute to a week-end Aunt Clara will never forger.



Writer/Director: Leonardo Foti

Half Hour Comedy

FINALIST at the 2020 PGA Power of Diversity Master Workshop. 

His name is Arty and his life is a total MESS. You’d think in today’s forward thinking society it would be easier to be “diverse” but that’s not really the case. Arty is a bisexual radio host and DJ in NYC. Always unintentionally provocative, he becomes a champion on the airwaves for his artistic and social ideas while in his personal life he is dealing with the biggest human dilemma: FINDING LOVE. While the challenge for most people is to find the right one, the challenge for Arty is to keep the right one. In fact, none of his relationships ever take a serious turn. Women are scared he’ll run looking for something they clearly do not have, and gay men just want him to come out of the closet. Mostly criticized by his friends and his colleagues, Arty never misses a chance to use his microphone to ignite a conversation on trends, music, art & social issues.“ARTY” explores LOVE in today’s “multi-everything” world.



Writer/Director: Leonardo Foti

One Hour Drama

THE SIX MILE HOUSE is a thriller miniseries for television. The twelve episodes are inspired by the true events surrounding the trial of  LAVINIA FISHER, by legend the first female SERIAL KILLER convicted in the United States, and her execution on February 18, 1820 in  Charleston, South Carolina.
  THE SIX MILE HOUSE reinvents the historical thriller form. Its layered story structure walks the fine line between history and legend, to allow the viewers to draw their own conclusions. The legend of Lavinia and John Fisher makes for an intriguing plot. A more accurate look at what we know happened historically makes their story even more fascinating. The facts that surround their arrest and their execution, as reported by witnesses of the time, newspapers, and official jail and court documents, leave room for doubt about their guilt in the first place.  The truth... well it  is still unknown.


Comedy Screenplay

Written by: Martin Donovan & Leonardo Foti

Director: Leonardo Foti

Production Company: DIR FILMS 

Three glorious women in their third act, Victoria, Norma and Camilla, come together for a very special occasion, something they've been waiting for their entire life, but find themselves involved in an insane situation. The day of Norma and Camilla's arrival at Victoria's mansion, a stunning villa in the south of France, Victoria's husband  Fredrick dies in a theatrical car accident when he looses control of his Jaguar and drives off a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The Police suspects the accident isn't "accidental" and puts the girls on guard for anything suspicious. The night of the funeral the girls discover a secret room in Fredrick's quarters... Inside: a suitcase filled with PINK COCAINE. What follows is an absurd adventure for our three heroines who are forced to face each other as well as their own selves while attempting to resolve the mystery of the Pink Powder and get rid of it, before it ruins their lives foreverThe stile of the film is retro but vibrant and youthful, filled with humanity and a bit of lunacy.